ITC Ltd.’s recently launched Sunfeast Caker

ITC Ltd.’s recently launched Sunfeast Caker

With distinct, new-to-market experiences in the packaged cakes segment, Sunfeast Caker endeavours to deliver the ultimate snacking experience


ITC Ltd.’s Sunfeast, which recently launched its new sub-brand, Sunfeast Caker to expand its footprint in the cakes category, has launched its first pan-India TVC campaign ‘Paet Ko Do Kuch Great’. The campaign communication strikes a chord with every consumer who seeks instant snacking options in moments of hunger and sees their inner cake lover or ‘Caker’ come alive. Led by the brand’s signature offering and first in the category, Trinity,a triple choco layered product innovation, which delivers a refined sensorial experience like-never-before, Sunfeast Caker urges consumers that when they experience the ‘Gud Gud’ sensation in the stomach they should satiate it with something truly great i.e. ‘Paet Ko Do Kuch Great’.

The TVC opens with a young couple seated in the living room as they are trying to spend some time together. Cut to the girl’s face with an uneasy expression coupled with a stomach grumbling sound effect, asks the guy for any snack to satisfy her untimely hunger pang. The guy, turning down her request to offer just any snack, extends a pack of Sunfeast Caker ‘Trinity’ against the background of a peppy jingle that suggests ‘Paet Ko Do Kuch Great’. The fleeting happy moment for the couple is taken by surprise with the doorbell ring.  The boy expecting his father back home hides his girlfriend while leaving the pack of Sunfeast Caker Trinity on the couch.

The father soon finds the unexpected guest hidden behind the curtain, thanks to her hunger pang alarm sound. The shock to see the girl is quickly replaced with a smile when the girl innocently snatches Sunfeast Caker Trinity from his hand to satiate her hunger pangs. One indulgent bite cuts into product shot which shows the triple layered cake, choco-enrobed at the bottom with choco crème as the middle filling and topped with a choco drizzle. The unexpected hunger call from the father’s stomach eventually leads to a moment of laughter among the three.

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