Jeevansh Chadha lends a helping hand to the ones in need

Jeevansh Chadha lends a helping hand to the ones in need


The country is currently dealing with a major crisis situation. While the government is trying to do its best on its end, the citizens are also requested to do their bit to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Jeevansh Chadha, currently seen in Dangal TV’s Ranju Ki Betiyaan, shares his tips on staying safe and urges his fans to take the necessary precautions while also doing their bit for society.

Looking at the country’s present situation, Jeevansh has a heart that wants to help. Talking about the same, he says, “This is such a challenging situation for each one out there and besides all the will, we cannot be physically available for lending a helping hand. But I joined a volunteering group that helps in verifying the various contact information that talks about the availability of beds, medicines and oxygen cylinders, etc. Thus, that group helps people with instant information by verifying the leads on their own. Each member of our group is doing arduous efforts to pay our bit to the community.”

When asked about his method of taking precautions, he added, “The pandemic is affecting a major portion of India’s population and taking the incumbent actions is more for self-concern rather than just obligations. I take no chance when it comes to all the necessary precautions ranging from experts suggested supplements including the very basic Vitamin C, Zinc, etc to homemade recipes including decoction drinks (kadha as they say) of ginger, ajwain, neem etc. As making the kadha is precisely my mother’s department, it becomes more of a compulsion to drink it every day. (laughs) There is also zero mobility in and out of the house unless it is essential. Other than that, a regular workout and meditation, healthy diet and lack of stress, a concoction of everything play a vital role when it comes to maintaining and rather improving my immunity.”

This is a small effort Jeevansh is making on his end to help society. He urges his fans and viewers to do their bit for society too.