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Jindal Bricks launches its bricks and pavers collection

Jindal Bricks launches its bricks and pavers collection

Jindal Bricks launches its bricks and pavers collection (The collection comprises five different varieties of bricks with a distinct aesthetic appeal and easy installation)

With its legacy of more than two decades, Jindal Bricks has announced the launch of its Bricks and Pavers collection, suited for the taste of the contemporary buyer. The collection includes Face brick, Multi-hole Extruded Brick, 8 and 2 hole pressed bricks, as well as press pavers used to add flair to any structure.

Manufactured to be laid flat on the ground, brick pavers are thin – yet sturdy pavement bricks are used to add flair to the ground. These outdoor paving bricks are a preferred choice in the hospitality industry and for home gardens and farmhouses. Paving bricks are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to walk on, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. The pavers collection is effortless to install and does not need any special equipment for its installation.

 Multi-hole extruded brick: Made with the extrusion process, the brick provides excellent thermal and sound insulation. the brick is available in chocolate, beige, terracotta and mud colour, with the dimensions of 230 mm(L)x110 (W)x 65mm(H). It has round edges, which makes it suitable for a classic look.

Face bricks: Made with a firing technique with no artificial pigments, the brick is preferred for its timeless beauty and modular size, enabling endless design options. the brick is available in 4 colours Beige, Terracotta, chocolate and mud.

 8 Hole Pressed bricks: The eight conical holes in the brick allow the brick to trap air, providing thermal insulation. Available in chocolate, beige, terracotta and mud colour, the brick is 230 mm(L)x110 (W)x 65mm(H) in dimensions.

2 Hole pressed bricks: With colour options of Terracotta and chocolate, the brick is 240 mm(L)x115 (W)x 75mm(H) in dimensions. The brick has sharp edges and corners, which makes it suitable for contemporary designs.

Press Pavers: The bricks are manufactured with no artificial pigments, due to which their colour doesn’t fade over time as opposed to the cement pavers. It adds a distinct homely look with its evergreen colours. the brick is available in two sizes, 230 mm(L)x115 (W)x 35mm(H) and 230 mm(L)x115 (W)x 50 mm(H) with a diverse colour range comprising of Terracotta, chocolate, mud and beige.

Lakshay Jindal Director and CMO, Jindal Bricks, “We are delighted to launch our latest pavers collection on the new range of products. The product is truly a designer’s due to its high compressive strength, sharp edges, superior quality, beautiful colour, and extreme durability. We are offering a product whose application is limited only by a designer’s imagination.”.

The collection bricks are lightweight, with excellent thermal and sound insulation and high resistance to stains and breakage. They require zero maintenance and enable easy installation, saving cost and effort.

With more than two decades of experience, the company’s current client portfolio comprises reputed organizations such as Shiv Nadar University, India Habitat Center, HCL, Ashoka University, Ansal Housing, The Umrao, Edelco, JNU, amongst others. Apart from a tier 1 clientele in India, they have also supplied products across many international locations, becoming an impactful player in the industry.