Join ZEE Biskope “Tu Chinta Mat Kar Maai”

Join ZEE Biskope "Tu Chinta Mat Kar Maai"


Bonding with Mother is a strong emotional pulse amongst Indians and more so in Bhojpuri milieu where people are highly driven by the mother figure be it in real life or reel life, in movies or in devotional space – like Chatthi Maiyya, Saraswati Mata, Santoshi Mata and so on. Mothers are the epitome of love and care. She’s always concerned about our wellbeing and safety. In today’s pandemic, one of the biggest challenges is to instill a sense of responsibility amongst youth and general population towards protecting themselves by following Covid-19 preventive practices diligently. Taking this into consideration, ZEE Biskope launches an initiative titled ‘Tu Chinta Mat Kar Maai’ on, Mother’s Day aimed to assure our mothers of our safety.

This Mother’s Day, ZEE Biskope invites you to pledge and affirm your Mother that you will take care of yourself in the pandemic. If you really love your mother, it’s time to stand up, share your videos proving that you are assuring your mother of following all precaution norms like wearing masks, using sanitizers, washing your hand with soap and so on. This will impart the feeling of affirmation in your mother that no matter wherever you are, you’re taking every possible measure to be safe during these tough times. Record a video of you assuring your mother on how you will take care of yourself and don’t forget to mention the tagline “Tu chinta mat karmaai”.

The awareness campaign gives voice as well as a platform to the viewers aiming to impart the feeling of affirmation assuring Mothers that their children are safe as they are following responsible practices. It will not only add as a boost to their emotional caring for their loved ones but also ease the pressure with this helping hand. This will further strengthen the family bond. The campaign will see the association of top Bhojiwood celebs like Chintu Pandey, Yash Kumar, Smriti Sinha, Anara Gupta along with influencers urging viewers to join the initiative and create a productive impact in a constrained reality.

Talking about the campaign, Bhojpuri superstar Chintu Pandey said, “We need to intelligently handle the situation. Our mothers are absolutely right when they keep telling us that we shouldn’t go out without wearing a mask. She worries about our wellbeing. Henceforth, I take a step forward on Mother’s Day to assure my mother that I’ll not step out without wearing a mask. I urge viewers to pledge to their mothers about how they would take care of themselves during the pandemic and send their assurance videos to ZEE Biskope.”

Popular Bhojpuri actor Yash Kumar said, “When going outdoors is not absolutely necessary, then why do we need to go out? Like our mothers worry about us, we should also care for her worries. Let us all address our mother’s concerns about our health this Mother’s Day and assure her that we will take care of ourselves in the pandemic and will not go out unless necessary. Tu Chinta Mat Kar Maai!”