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Kejriwal has forgotten the importance of Valmiki society

Kejriwal has forgotten the importance of Valmiki society

In any case, injustice done to the Valmiki society will not be tolerated-Hansraj Hans

Kejriwal government is trying to prolong the process of giving corporation money-Harsh Malhotra


In a press conference held at the state BJP office, North-West Delhi MP Hansraj Hans has fiercely attacked the Kejriwal government over the injustice being done to the Valmiki society. He reminded Kejriwal that during the Corona period in which Kejriwal completely disappeared, the people of this Valmiki society were taking garbage from homes to ensure that Delhi remained clean.

Hansraj Hans said that, the way Delhi government has been cheating and humiliating the people of Valmiki society for the past several days is well known to all. He said that, it is necessary to understand that leaving their children sleeping at home in the morning, the cleaning workers come to collect garbage from the house of others, but the government is not even paying the monthly salary of the cleaning workers and Corona warriors. The money that the Aam Aadmi Party government had constitutionally passed in the Delhi Legislative Assembly to give to the corporations. Hansraj Hans said that, the ministers of the Kejriwal government do not fulfill what they announce or promise. It is unknown as to why does the Kejriwal government hate our society so much? Why does the Aam Aadmi Party want to see the Valmiki society begging again and again with a bowl in hand?

State General Secretary Harsh Malhotra asked Kejriwal questions: when will the corporation get the money? Why is the Kejriwal government taking this process long? The one-month salary of the three corporations is about Rs 650 crore, but the Kejriwal government did not pay any money to the corporation personnel for the last four months. Even on 14 January, the Delhi government had asked to give Rs 938 crore to the corporation, but not a single rupee has been given by the Delhi government so far.

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