KFC India launches an All Women Restaurant

KFC India launches an All Women Restaurant
Earmarks International Women’s Day with the restaurant powered on by women


Continuing to expand its footprint across the country, KFC India recently opened a new restaurant in the IT city of Hyderabad. What makes it more special is that this is an-women restaurant – led and operated by an all-women team! Right from taking orders, preparing your favourite KFC items, serving customers to managing the overall operations of the restaurant – this is one restaurant that completes runs on woman power.

This is the second all-women restaurant for KFC India, the first being in Darjeeling, and only goes on to reinforce the brand’s commitment towards gender parity and belief in empowering women from the grassroot level. The brand has also had woman delivery riders, who have been bravely breaking stereotypes and carving a niche with their unconventional career choices. Ask any of the women on this super team at the Hyderabad restaurant, and thoughts as “KFC has helped me develop and sharpen my skills, with a clear vision on career growth” or “I have always loved and enjoyed working at KFC” are echoed across. Through efforts as these, the brand takes forward the legacy of their iconic founder Colonel Sanders who always believed in all people.

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