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LaLiga surpasses 150 million followers across all its social media accounts 


LaLiga surpasses 150 million followers across all its social media accounts 

The youth audience is a key part of this exponential growth, which over the last year has  reached 10 million fans. 

With this milestone, LaLiga is ranked as the competition with the third largest number of  followers, behind the NBA and Champions League, and ahead of other championships such as  the Premier League and NFL. 

LaLiga has recently surpassed the figure of 150 million followers on all its social media  accounts. This figure consolidates LaLiga’s position as the competition with the third largest number  of fans in the digital universe, behind the NBA and the Champions League, and ahead of others such  as the Premier League and the NFL. 

The figure of 150 million has been reached by adding the number of followers from the 23 channels  on which LaLiga is present, including the accounts of eLaLiga, FUNDACIÓN LaLiga and LaLigaSportsTV:  

 Fans can access content on these social networks in a total of 16 languages, including Spanish, English  and French, but also Arabic, Chinese, Israeli, Swahili and Hungarian, among others. There are a wide range of possibilities due to the numerous countries in which the competition can be seen worldwide,  currently more than 185. 

“To have exceeded 150 million followers shows us that our digital strategy is working. We are getting  closer and closer to our fans and because we are able to create new formats, innovate and generate  attractive content tailored to each type of platform and audience,” says Alfredo Bermejo, LaLiga’s  Director of Digital Strategy. 

The key to growth: Youth audience 

In addition, talking of the Chinese market, Douyin, China’s version of TikTok has grown enormously in  recent years due to its music and trending content. These three social networks have helped the record  by adding 10 million followers in one year, going from 140m fans in the 2020/2021 season to more  than 150m today. 

The interest of young people in LaLiga and its social networks is evident if we take into account that of  the total number of followers on Facebook and Instagram, 76.6% and 66.28% are men and women  aged between 18 and 34, respectively. 

A window to the world 

The internationalisation of LaLiga is also reflected in its social channels. Proof of this is that the  countries with the greatest presence among LaLiga followers are India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt,  Mexico, Brazil, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Colombia and China. 

India and Bangladesh are the two international regions with the largest following for LaLiga on social  media, aside from Spain. In India, LaLiga experienced phenomenal growth in social media following as  the followers went from 300,000 in 2017 when LaLiga established it’s office in India to 6,400,000+ in 2022. The 2000% growth has been a result of LaLiga’s focused initiatives to grow the following and  increase accessibility for fans in India. The digital initiatives have a hyperlocal approach, like social  media content in Hindi, topical content with Indian references, engagement activities for fans and  much more. 

About LaLiga 

LaLiga is a global, innovative and socially responsible organisation which is a leader in the leisure and entertainment sector. It is a private sports association composed of the 20 public limited sports companies (SADs) and clubs of LaLiga Santander and the 22 of LaLiga SmartBank, and is responsible for organising professional football competitions in Spain. LaLiga is the football competition with the most social media followers in the world, with over 140 million followers across 17 platforms in 20 different languages. With its headquarters in Madrid (Spain), it is present in 41 countries through eleven offices and 44 

delegates. The organisation carries out its social work through its foundation and was the world’s first professional football league to establish a league for intellectually challenged footballers: LaLiga Genuine Santander.


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New Delhi/Updated on: 04 March 2022