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Language Store at Express Avenue Mall

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Language, a leading homegrown leather footwear and accessories brand with international presence for men and women are proud to announce the opening of their third store in Chennai. The new store is located at Express Avenue Mall which is one of the most popular malls in the city.

Language has lived up to its reputation as an exceptional footwear and accessories brand offering a full range of leather products. Language ensures that only the best goes into the making of any of their products by producing most of the raw materials in-house. The store stacks its shelves with its new collections for men and women, with style like loafers, derbies, boots, sneakers, handbags and totes, etc.

The store will benefit its shoppers with the introduction of the new Language Black collection which is the most premium collection offered by the brand. This new collection includes premium hand-painted and exotic leather products. Keeping the present health situation in mind, the vaccinated team of the new store takes all the necessary Covid safety measures to ensure customers have complete peace of mind while enjoying their shopping experience.

Website: https://languageshoes.com/

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