Let your palate flow like the Mekong River

Doors opened by the brand new Modern Oriental restaurant in Pune.


An exotic gourmet restaurant, Mekong folks opened its doors on 5th March 2021 to the public with a curtailed menu. Puneites can now boast of truly unique, modern, and modern Oriental Restaurant.

Mekong Folks is an All Day Asian Diner with modern influence and a contemporary approach to Fine Asian Cuisine. A fusion of intricate flavours and textures, the menu showcases signature dishes from across Asia with a contemporary touch. Mekong Folks is a Modern Oriental Kitchen serving Sushi, Dim Sum, Thai and modern Chinese dishes. The menu is extensive, diverse, and ingenious.

Specializing in Dim Sums, Sushi, Thai and Modern Chinese dishes, the highlight of Mekong Folks is an amalgamation of world-class quality ingredients with modern cooking methods to create wonders for both the palette as well as the eyes. With a strong focus on taste, Mekong Folks boasts of an array of fresh ingredients that have been imported from across the globe like Berkshire Pork from the United Kingdom, Chilies from Thailand, Truffles from Italy, Edamame from Japan and so on. The food here is on par with any quality modern Chinese kitchen.

Mekong Folks’ attempt to transport foodies to a culinary journey of the Mekong River Basin by skipping all tourist spots and take them straight to the heart of the culture. Their unique food is meant to inspire and appeal to the explorer in you, to experience various cultures in a new way.

Rajjeet Chandra, Founder, “We genuinely have confidence in what we have introduced in Mekong Folks for Punkers. It is truly a journey one can mesmerize forever with some of the best and authentic styles of Sushi, Dim sums and Wok. Our absolute first visitors were in all honesty Mr Aniruddha Patil, alongside group PEO – Pune Eat Outs who found the opportunity to encounter first. Likewise, we were fortunate to serve some of the well-known personalities (Socialites, Business Men’s) of Pune who enjoyed our cuisine.”

Mekong folks has recalibrated Asian cuisine with all its authentic splendour in an innovative style of fusion. The fixing is painstakingly picked by gourmet experts to give a credible experience. It is an accessible casual dining experience that fuses Sushi, Dim Sum, and Asian fare from Wok, Tea, and European patisserie to create a unique and social experience.

Mekong Folks embraces the innovative, forward-thinking aspects of modern Asian culture.

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