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Marwadi University to hold Convocation ceremony for Batch of 2020-2021

Marwadi University to hold Convocation ceremony for Batch of 2020-2021

Gujarat’s Marwadi University will hold its 4th Convocation ceremony on April 30, 2022, awarding degrees to the Batch of 2020-2021 as well as 35 student gold medallists across various disciplines. The ceremony’s chief guest will be Prof. (Dr.) R. Natarajan, Former Chairman of AICTE and Former Director of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

The degrees will be awarded to a total 1621 students from Faculties of Architecture, Arts, Business Management, Computer Applications, Law, Liberal Studies, Science, Technology, as well as to PhD students. The highest number of gold medals go to students from Faculty of Science (9) and Faculty of Technology (9), followed by Diploma Studies (7) and Liberal Studies (5).

“It’s heartening to see Marwadi University students getting exposed to some of the most innovative teaching and learning facilities in the country. Students should feel proud of the fact that their degrees are considered equivalent to global standards in the context of our National Board of Accreditation. It was admitted as a Permanent Signatory of the Washington Accord in 2014, which demands Graduate Attributes which are based on Outcomes-based Education,” says Prof. (Dr.) R. Nataraja, Former Director, IIT Madras and Former Chairman, AICTE.

Marwadi University also has one of the highest numbers of foreign students in India, from countries such as Bhutan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Rwanda, Syria and Tanzania graduating in 2021.

“We at MU, are thrilled to be conferring all fresh graduates with degrees and meritorious students with scholastic gold medals, across all batches. We believe our students are not just alumni but the university’s ambassadors,” says Vice Chancellor, Marwadi University, Dr. Sandeep Sancheti.

On April 30, the convocation day will start with batches of students in their graduation gowns and caps, getting photographed with the President, Provost, Registrar, Dean and HoDs at Marwadi University. This will be followed by the main ceremony, which will entail a welcome address and presentation of the University Report by MU President. The students will be conferred degrees and Scholastic Medals on stage amid keynote by the Prof. (Dr.) Nataraja and Mr. Ketan Marwadi.

“Convocations at Marwadi University have always been inspiring events and we wish our graduates all the success in life. It’s truly an honour to be joined by renowned educationist Prof. (Dr.) R. Natarajan on the occasion,” adds President, Marwadi University, Mr. Ketan Marwadi.

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Rajkot/New Delhi/Updated on: 02 May 2022