Mastercard launches Priceless India

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Cardholders can avail Priceless™ experiences in India’s most iconic cities including Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Banaras, Cochin, Backwaters of Kerala, and many more


Mastercard today announced the launch of its flagship Priceless™ program in India. The program – known as PricelessIndia – will enable domestic and global travellers who are Mastercard cardholders to attain unique insights and exclusive access to several unparalleled experiences in the country.

The program will roll out in two phases. In the first phase, Mastercard will launch 12 short films that will introduce several unique aspects of India’s most iconic cities and destinations for tourists. Be it the history waiting to be unlocked at the Amer Fort in Jaipur, or Mumbai’s favourite plate of wonders that takes the viewers on a Priceless™ India gastronomical journey, the films cater to the aspirations of discerning domestic and global travellers who want much more from their trips.

In the second phase (post February 21), Mastercard cardholders will get a chance to partake in these experiences in real-time through curated packages that can be purchased online. These packages offer bespoke offerings to address the diverse tastes and preferences of travel enthusiasts. The multi-phase campaign aims to rekindle Indian consumers’ desire for the most unique travel and entertainment experiences.

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