Mother’s Challenge During Lockdown

Mother's Challenge During Lockdown

Contributed by: Archita Dave

“Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a Mother” 

Yes, mothers raising children is by far the most powerful, impactful, and influential thing that happens in this world. “There are so many responsibilities and challenges that come with being a mother. Nowadays mothers have upgraded themselves to be more vocal, communicative, presentable, flexible, and understanding. Mothers have more challenges these days teaching their kids about the ‘good touch’ & ‘bad touch’, managing their screen timings & content, and adding to the list while surviving the coronavirus pandemic & lockdown.

Parenting has become a great challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic especially for Mothers than Fathers with children staying home and their online studies. While children around the world are staying home it has created pressure on Mothers to keep children entertained or educated. During the initial phases of lockdown, which continued from late March till late May, parents suddenly found themselves locked in their houses with children. Continued school closure, work-from-home protocols, and social distancing norms turned homes into classrooms and playgrounds, and parents into teachers and playmates. This has made kids addicted to gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, and TV. Their screen time drastically increased and it has an adverse effect on kids. On the other hand, laziness and behavioural issues have also increased.

The real challenge comes for working mothers who Work (from home or in the health sector). Especially for single mothers. It’s a wonderful time to stay home away from pollution and traffic, but the recession, future targets, and work from home or office have created stress for working mothers.

As motherhood comes with great challenges it also comes with magic. Mothers can make anything possible. While schools are still closed here are some tips to manage your child: –

Seek help from other parents: – Reach out to other parents via phone, email, or social media and exchange tips for keeping kids focused and engaged.

Create a Schedule: – Ensure your kids know the schedule from waking up to studies and to playtime. Especially limit the screen time. While they do this reward their good behaviour.

Involve Kids in Household activities: – This may help you get support and they can learn new things and keep them engaged.

Get them a new indoor hobby: – Developing a new hobby will keep your child engaged and happy. While the crisis has its positive sides too. “It has allowed children to spend more quality time with their family. It has helped many parents understand them better.

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