My grandfather is my inspiration – Manit Joura

My grandfather is my inspiration – Manit Joura


Christmas is the festival of spreading joy, of exchanging gifts and spending time with family. As kids, Christmas meant Santa Claus visiting us. It made us happier than anything else. And as we grew older, we realized Santas were just members of our family. Manit Joura, who is currently seen in Dangal TV’s Prem Bandhan says he found his Santa in his grandfather.

Manit Joura has reached great heights in his career but has made it a point to always stay close to his family. He makes sure to spend every festival with his family as that is what celebrating a festival means to him. When asked what makes him call his grandfather his Santa, Manit says, “My Santa is my grandfather who has a French beard, white hair and is a tall handsome man. I remember when I was a kid my grandfather bought a cycle for me and later on also gave me my first motorcycle. He was one who visited my first house and did all the rituals. So, he made my wishes come true. That is why I call him my Santa.”

Manit says that his grandfather is his inspiration. Someone he goes to whenever he is confused as he is the most well read, most travelled and the most experienced person in his family.

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