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National Geographic India’s Extreme Tech series

National Geographic India’s Extreme Tech series

Titled ‘Extreme Tech: The Freight Corridor’, the documentary features the ambitious plan of creating one of the world’s largest freight transportation systems in India


The latest edition ofNational Geographic India’s Extreme Tech is all set to bring forth an extreme engineering feat that aims to change the narrative of the freight transport system in India. Premiering Extreme Tech: The Freight Corridor’ on December 19th, 2020 at 7.00 pm, the channel will offer a glimpse into the new age Indian Railways Transportation system and delve into the efforts of introducing a pioneering solution – Dedicated Freight Corridors – that can become a model of infrastructural development.

The documentary brings to light the journey of Indian Railways, which is one of the world’s largest rail networks by size and touches upon the numerous challenges currently faced by our freight transport. It highlights the need of path-breaking innovation and demonstrates the profound impact envisioned for India’s game-changing engineering marvel – dedicated freight corridors- that can make India’s freight movement fast, cost effective and reliable. Taking the viewer across various sites where construction is underway, the documentary concentrates on understanding the process and the long-term positive impact it will have on Indian businesses, trade, economy and India’s GDP in the coming years. From running a dedicated freight corridor, managing freight traffic efficiently to slashing the carbon footprint by more than 4.5 times the documentary showcases the way ahead for India’s future-ready transport system.           

“At National Geographic India, we endeavour to bring inspirational stories of our nation’s growth and development, through insightful and ground-breaking storytelling. With this edition of Extreme Tech, which focuses on highlighting the magnificence of modern engineering, we took the opportunity to enlighten our viewers on an engineering marvel that can change the very landscape of the Indian freight transport system,” said a National Geographic India spokesperson.

“DFC is a project that will make India stand out in the world market; cementing our place as a manufacturing hub. We are creating a truly futuristic design with a sustainable and green model that has the potential to expand its capacity to keep up with India’s ever-growing freight demands. DFC will pave the way for a robust, world class ecosystem in infrastructure”said Ravindra Kumar Jain, MD DFCCIL.

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