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Nav Sidhu: Working with Badshah, Harrdy Sandhu and International Artists

Nav Sidhu: Working with Badshah, Harrdy Sandhu and International Artists
India is home to a wide range of exceptional performers and artists. The country is brimming with creative talents, whether it’s acting or singing. Music is one of the sources of bliss that always soothes us because it is such an important part of our lives. Improving a song in the minds of the audience is a difficult task that needs a lot of hard work and dedication. Boss Music Productions is one of those that strive to take a song to the next level.
Having been a part of the music industry for many years and aspiring to be recognised for his work, Nav Sidhu says, “Working with great artists like Badshah, Harrdy Sandhu, and many more International Artists is always a fun part of my life because I have been grown up watching these artists and now working for them makes me proud because you not only work with them but you learn heaps of stuff from them. I always had a passion to be in this music industry and apply some strategies to boost it up to an international level and now getting appreciation for my work is not only makes me happy but also encourage me to work harder and better so I can take the music to a next hype. When you work with these artists you came to know how they struggled and made their legacy which will make you think that hard work always pays off, it may take some time but it will be paid off.”
He further said, “Taking these things in mind, I always try my best to work hard to hardest and achieve whatever I have thought off. Applying totally new types of non existed marketing and promotions strategies will showcase the content to the broad targeted audience and also gain in their interest as well which helps artists in their content reach. Now, stretching my career from music to movie side is bit challenging for me but I’m sure my passion of digital marketing will also help me in the Movie promotions side as well. Now, after gaining trust from many artists, I always get some offers from these Artists to use my marketing strategies and promotional skills in the movie and theatre area so it will reach to the max audience around the world and I’m sure I won’t take my step back to getting these tasks completed.”
Nav Sidhu has worked for various hit songs alongside ace singers like Raftaar for his recent hit song Ghana Kasoota followed by Badshah’s song Pani Pani, and a lot more hit singers like Guru Randhawa and Jass Manak and also promoting the Galwakdi starring Tarsem Jassar and Wamiqa Gabbi which is produced under the banner of Boss Music Productions.

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Preety Chaudhary/New Delhi/Updated on: January 19th ,2021