Netrika Consulting India Collaborates with RIMS

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The COVID–19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on risk management and has led to an increase in competition for risk management positions. To boost risk management education and learning, Netrika Consulting India, a premier risk mitigation company, has teamed up with RIMS, the risk management society® to introduce the RIMS-CRMP to local professionals.

Based on globally accepted frameworks, the course is designed for all business executives with risk management responsibilities and those who play an integral role in strategic decision-making. Additionally, the course should be considered by risk analysis professionals, business leaders, and aspirants who wish to pursue a career in risk management.

The RIMS-CRMP course will explore strategies to devise strong risk management capabilities, including analysing business models, designing organisational risk strategies, implementing risk processes, developing organisational risk competencies, and supporting decision-making.

The RIMS–CRMP is carefully curated to assist risk professionals and help them understand how to build a robust framework to oversee risks at the organisational level, keeping the risk professional up-to-date to the industry. Upon completion of the course, registrants will have the opportunity to take the RIMS-CRMP exam, which is included as part of the programme.

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