Online Workshop for Mentoring Coordinators

Webinar on Challenges in the new VUCA world organized at Amity University

New Delhi

An Online Workshop on Mentor-Mentee System for Mentoring Program Coordinators was organized by Amity Academic Staff College, Amity University Uttar Pradesh (AUUP). The day-long workshop was organized for the orientation of the Mentoring Program Coordinators for an effective and outcome-based mentoring and had the presence of 270 Mentoring Program Coordinators (MPCs) and Faculty Mentors (FM) from all AUUP campuses at Noida, Lucknow & Greater Noida.

Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University began the proceedings by sharing that mentoring system is an integral part of Amity Education system and the mentor- mentee system is an important pillar at AUUP. “It has been two decades of the program where the mentees are getting nurtured and cared by mentors. At AUUP, mentoring system is four-tier model where all tier owner works in collaboration for the overall growth of the mentee,” stated Dr. Shukla. She also shared some beautiful excerpts of her experience as a mentor way back in 90s and her association and bonding with those mentees and their parents till date. She further averred that a mentor is very important in the life of a student and similarly without understanding the mentee, his/her career aspirations, family background etc., the mentor cannot really help the mentee.

Dr. Shukla added that the need for this bonding grows even deeper during the times of this pandemic when people are struggling since the dynamics are encountered not only on professional fronts but on personal aspects as well. “The business will no longer be the same and now we are moving towards the generation Z workforce. The work cultures are surely going to change and the education sector cannot afford to be unaffected by it. The work from home dynamics imposes more strain on the education sector since now we must train our students for the upcoming challenges like entrepreneurial ventures, more technology driven initiatives.

Higher order cognitive skills like emotional intelligence and lateral/critical thinking must be developed in students. Amidst all this mentor mentee emerges as the solution to many problems since the mentor is not only a guide but a friend and philosopher as well. Mentor understands his mentees in terms of his strength weakness, values aspirations and skill sets, and faculty mentor can surely cater to these broad rages of diversities under the mentoring umbrella. It is very important to cater to student happiness and their wellbeing and for this MPC and FM are two important pillars of the mentoring system at AUUP,” shared Dr. Shukla appreciating all mentors at AUUP for conducting online mentoring sessions and addressing the issues of the mentees.

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