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Pay it forward, with your old soles

Pay it forward, with your old soles


Now nothing can stop me from running, said the 11-year-old, who has been living a restricted life due to the lack of appropriate footwear. “I travel 7 km to reach my school and run errands every day, but I have never got a chance to participate in the race organized in my school during the sports day in which I so wanted to participate because running barefoot is not allowed there” – Vishal (A 6th standard student and a resident of Natha Mangal na Chapara)

“Finding comfort in the trashed and tossed has been the way of life for people who depend upon the pre-owned and discarded stuff. But helping them through the basic comfort has been one of my desires,” said Dinesh Kumar Gautam, Founder of Drishti Foundation Trust. “We at DFT aim to help the less privileged step into the world with the same confidence and experience the same happiness as the rest of us do, and hence, we conduct surveys at the various villages to understand the dire needs of the people and come up with a solution to meet them. Realizing the need for footwear by the school-going kids at the slum who have good athletic potential, we had organized a footwear distribution drive for which various college students, fashion influencers, and footwear brands collaborated with us.” After picking up a pair of running shoes from the pile of old shoes, there was a smile of relief on Vishal’s face who is now training for the next inter-school race.

If you wish your old shoes to be a part of someone’s new journey, call at 9638522666 to have them picked up from your doorstep by a DFT representative.

Drishti Foundation Trust is an NGO founded by Dinesh Kumar Gautam on 28th September 2012 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) with the aim of holistic development and betterment of society that works in the fields of health, education, and environment. Its mission is to create a more inclusive India by pioneering a comprehensive approach to addressing our country’s diverse development issues and contributing to its common goals. It was established in 2012 to support the efforts in achieving economic equality and sustainable development; leading to transformational changes and improvement in the lives of marginalized sections of the society.