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Paytm Insider partners with Fastrack; bringing the Artidote India Tour 2022 to 2 major Indian cities

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Paytm Insider partners with Fastrack; bringing the Artidote India Tour 2022 to 2 major Indian cities

  • Fastrack’s new initiative ‘Unwind’ focuses on mental health and well-being of youth by making mental health resources easily available to them and providing free therapy
  • Artidote is a community that provides a safe space to open up about mental health by blending it with art
  • Paytm Insider along with Under 25 has been instrumental in bringing together the two brands for a renewed focus on mental health and well-being through Artidote’s 2022 India Tour presented by Fastrack

Making a significant move, Paytm Insider, one of the country’s leading entertainment and digital experiences platforms, has recently facilitated a partnership between Fastrack and Artidote. This collaboration between the two entities intends to not only launch Fastrack’s new mental health initiative, ‘Unwind,’ but is also bringing forth with Paytm Insider the ‘Artidote India Tour’ this April and May.

Fastrack, through its ‘Unwind’ movement, is creating awareness about mental health and taking steps to normalise conversations around it for the youth. Not only that, but the initiative is also providing resources and information to help navigate the world of therapy as well as seek the right kind of support when needed. As a part of the initiative, the brand is sponsoring 500 hours of free therapy to young people.

Meanwhile, Artidote is the world’s largest art-for-mental-health platform founded by Jovanny Ferreyra (Jova). A mental health activist, Jova has built safe spaces virtually and on-ground over the last five years by pioneering the fusion of art and mental health awareness alongside building a 5 million-strong community. Moreover, as a chairperson of the Youth Committee within The World Federation for Mental Health, he advocates for the mental well-being of  youth across the globe.

In order to enable both these brands to champion the cause of mental health effectively, Paytm Insider along with Under 25 have played a vital role in bringing the two brands together. This partnership will see Fastrack as the title sponsor of the 2022 edition of the Artidote India Tour hosted by Under 25.

Commenting on this, Varun Khare – Business Head, Live Entertainment (IPs & Partnerships) – Paytm Insider, said, “Although conversations around mental health and well-being have happened on the periphery, the last two years have highlighted the need for having these conversations more openly. Understanding this, we at Paytm Insider have successfully created an opportunity to explore the subject of mental health by bringing together and combining the efforts of Fastrack’s Unwind project and Artidote.”

Ajay Maurya, Head of Marketing – Fastrack mentioned, “Mental Health is something a lot of young people are struggling with today and may not have access to the right information or support systems in place. Through the Unwind initiative, we are aiming to make conversations around mental health

more comfortable and striving to make mental well-being resources accessible to young people, This mission fit perfectly with Artidote and his work in this space”

Jovanny Ferreyra – Founder – Artidote, added, “While several young Indians deal with mental conflict and pressure, they also have extraordinary energy to bring about a decisive change. Recognising this, I am looking forward to bringing physical chapters of The Artidote across Indian cities, connecting with the youth here and bringing together local communities to build an extended global community. And I am very pleased that Fastrack has made this possible with their association on the tour!”

Bushra Navid, – Student Culture Manager, Under 25 – “Moments like these become healthy reminders to youngsters that they belong. The power of coming together to speak openly, be vulnerable and find a safe space to be heard, is what makes moments like these infinitely powerful. Bringing together the largest youth brand and the biggest art for mental health platform to join forces enables so much, in such a fleeting moment.”

Artidote’s India Tour encourages intimate conversations, perspectives, emotions, love and understanding. The tour is a movement to foster a world of kindness built on the foundation of human connection. This tour began in Bangalore on 23rd and 24th of April  and will be held in  Mumbai on April 30th and May 1st 2022 from 5:30 PM onwards. For details and to book your tickets now, log on to insider.in

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