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Pickrr targets 25 Pickrr Plus Fulfillment centers pan India by the end of 2022


Pickrr targets 25 Pickrr Plus Fulfillment centers pan India by the end of 2022

Aims to expand its geographical boundaries and enable sellers to make swift deliveries to end-consumer

 India’s leading SaaS-based logistic tech start-up Pickrr aims to unveil 25 new fulfillment facilities pan India to promote faster and more efficient last-mile deliveries. Pickrr Plus Fulfillment centers are a network of tech-enabled establishments strategically positioned in the near vicinity of the end-consumer, enabling more than 90% same-day deliveries at significantly lower freight costs.

Standing by its commitment to ensuring express deliveries, Pickrr Plus Fulfillment was introduced to help D2C brands and online businesses with their last-mile logistics needs. All the fulfillment facilities provide tailor-made solutions, including using WMS (warehouse management system) with smart technology, smooth palletization for in and outflow of bulk orders, customized packaging, refrigeration capability, etc.

With 25 new smart fulfillment centers, Pickrr aims to bridge the gap between D2C brands from their end-consumer regardless of the geographical distance. The smart technology used in the facilities assists the brands in gathering data about the consumption pattern. Sellers can strategize efficiently to ensure better inventory management by analyzing those data. These centers will also make last-mile operations swifter; hence, buyers and sellers in tier 2 and tier 3 markets will benefit from quicker deliveries.

Commenting on the launch plan, Gaurav Mangla, Co-Founder & CEO at Pickrr, said,The competition between digital-first businesses is increasing, and to build a competitive advantage, they need to serve their customers pan India, on time. By using Pickrr Plus fulfillment facilities, brands can associate with us and grow multi-fold by tapping a diverse range of untapped consumer pools and addressing all the last-mile barriers. Pickrr’s upcoming fulfillment centers will also help D2C brands make their customer experience more frictionless and establish a trust to gain their loyalty.”

Currently, Pickrr has thirteen smart fulfillment centers present across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Guwahati, and Hyderabad. The new centers will increase the proximity of the sellers towards their end-consumer, ensuring faster Turnaround Time (TAT) with the deliveries in reduced transportation costs.

About Pickrr:

Founded in 2015, Pickrr is a leading SaaS company that empowers SMB and direct to consumer brands with seamless shipping and logistics support. Pickrr provides insights that help brands optimise their logistic operation and drive profitability for business. SaaS products like Pickrr Predict, RTO Reduction Suite, Pickrr Connect and Smart NDR empower ecommerce sellers by helping them take real time decision on logistic operations. Pickrr also offers an intelligent fulfilment solution, Pickrr Plus, to help sellers offer a better customer experience by delivering within 24-48 hours. From logistics to fulfilment centers, Pickrr is a one-stop solution for brands.

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New Delhi/Updated on: 10 May 2022