PM Modi- the Man of Ideas

Number of Corona active cases continuously declining in state
Effective control over Corona under leadership of Modi Commendable works to make India a Self-Reliant nation 


Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is a Man of Ideas. He is a remarkable leader. His inspiration gives us new enthusiasm to work. The spirit of public welfare is clearly visible in his talks. He recognized the seriousness of the Corona crisis in the country in time and made us aware and cautious of the situation. Under his able leadership, we have overcome the Corona crisis effectively, he asserted.

Chouhan was expressing his views after watching the ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday. The Member of Parliament from Khajuraho V.D. Sharma was also present on the occasion.

The Chief Minister further said that the Prime Minister has transformed the challenge of Corona into an opportunity. Commendable works are being carried out in the direction to make India, a Self-Reliant nation. Along with the country, states, towns and villages will become self-reliant and local become vocal.

Chouhan said that the Prime Minister Modi also anticipated the natural calamities like cyclones, locust attack etc. in time and made meaningful efforts to handle them. More than One crore poor have benefitted under the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Moreover, Chouhan stated that the Prime Minister Modi is a leader who cares not only about human beings but also about the entire nature. He inspires us to make the environment clean, be concerned about rivers, mountains and to raise groundwater levels by storing rain water etc. On one hand he encouraged us for plantation and on the other also told us to take care of the birds in summer by keeping water for them to drink.

The Chief Minister further said that the Prime Minister Modi expressed concern for the migrant laborers and greeted the Corona Warriors. He has restored the practice of Yoga in the world. The slogan ‘Yog se Nirog’ given by the Prime Minister will make the whole world healthy.

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PM Modi- the Man of Ideas