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Prione Empowered SMB Turns Super Sellers in Less Than 60 Days

The seller expanded their business growth by leveraging e-commerce capabilities
Sai Global grew their business to INR 1.65 cr in a span of just 60 days

New Delhi

Prione, a joint venture between Catamaran and Amazon, which enables SMBs in the fast-growing digital economy, has continued to power the multifold growth of SMBs despite the disruptions posed by the pandemic. SMBs from New Delhi and various other regions benefitted from Prione’s expertise and assistance, by availing a variety of services such as onboarding, cataloguing, support with warehousing, helping with online advertising, etc. Further, this support also enabled them to expand their business significantly on the online marketplace.

Sai Global is a consumer electronics retailer based in New Delhi. Traditionally, they were in the business of selling shoes and bags in the fashion accessories categoryoffline, with minimal presence online. However, the onset of the pandemic last year severely affected both their online and offline business compelling them to switch to consumer electronics, a booming product category online. They took Prione’s support to identify top products such as headphones, smartwatches and Bluetooth earphones from premier brands which could be sold online. Further, the Prione team also helped the seller secure necessary approvals, manage inventory and learn about various marketplace programs to expand their business. Owing to the timely guidance they received, Sai Global grew their business to INR 1.65 cr in a span of just 60 days.

“The Prione team has provided invaluable support to our business on multiple occasions! Whether it was helping us understand the technical aspects of selling online, ensuring that our inventory was managed in critical situations or responding to our queries even on weekends, the team’s assistance has helped us grow exponentially in such a short window!” said the Spokesperson from Sai Global.

Commenting on Prione’ s role in helping the business succeed, Pankaj Jathar, CEO, Prione, said, “The uncertainties and disruptions posed by the pandemic has placed the impetus on SMBs to hasten digital adoption that can help them survive and succeed. In the next normal, it will be imperative for them to equip themselves with the necessary capabilities to leverage e-commerce, as well as understand how to balance online and offline models in order to reap benefits. Delivering on our commitment to empower SMBs, we at Prione, are delighted in enabling the success of sellers such as Sai Global and look forward to assisting them in their future journey. “

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