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It is rightly said that ‘the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. And, this has been rightly proved by the pragmatic entrepreneur Ms Sanjana Chadda.

When the world today runs on Social Media, it has become very important to know the right ways and techniques to manage our social media platforms and promote ourselves as well our work. Indeed, the success of every business or a personality today is well reflected on social media.

Sanjana Chadda, a 19-year-old young independent personality from Delhi has become a medium to guide and mentor people in Social Media Handlings. She runs her Social Media Marketing Agency thus proving marketing and promoting to be most efficacious on various social media platforms.  Her Agency has become a hope and ray of hopes to many aspiring talents of various fields. Sanjana is also a mentor to many imparting trainings to run their Social Media marketing effectively. Her unique way of enlightening the seekers with various exceptional techniques have earned a great success for her as a self-made woman entrepreneur.

Sanjana comes from a very humble background which makes her a pragmatic magnate today. Her success story is not free from challenges. She was an average student since her childhood and had been a shy personality with not many friends. There was a time when she was confused with her career too. Amidst her schooling, her family had to suffer financial crunches. Yet, her family never let the crisis affect her studies. She suffered inner conflict while asking for her tuition or school fees. But, challenges when challenged with determination leads to the defeat of all obstacles.

Her challenges motivated her to put all her efforts on studies and make her parents proud. She came out with flying colours and joined college.

Her determination continued as financial situations were yet to reach a stable state. With the sudden outbreak of covid, the financial crunches reached the peak and this hit Sanjana from inside. She was compelled to look for opportunities to help her family.

She started searching through internet and got to know about Digital Marketing. She researched about it, started watching YouTube videos on this, attended many free workshops & webinars but lacked the clarity.

Sanjana had to take a call and thus started learning through paid programs and became part of great likeminded community. She learnt the things and executed them. Many a times she was far from success, yet was never ready to give up. She kept learning through her mistakes.

And, finally, success had to reach the resolute soul.

Today Sanjana is earning pretty decent and has become an example to many struggling youths. She has earned in 5 figures in the last 5 months and has also mentored 100+ students. She is appreciated by her clients for her constant support and guidance, and has become an exemplary figure to her students.

Ms Sanjana Chadda has proved that no obstacle can defeat her will power. She has proved her self-worth and has great dreams to pursue.


WEBSITE:- https://digisolutionpoint.com/

INSTAGRAM:- https://www.instagram.com/sanjana.chadda/