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Punjabi actress Sidhika Sharma’s music video ‘Meri Mohabbat’

Punjabi actress Sidhika Sharma's music video 'Meri Mohabbat'


Actress Sidhika Sharma is in the spotlight when it comes to having a big name in the music video industry and making people go bonkers on social media by perfect looks, acting skills, and charismatic personality. The actress has a zeal for fitness and wellness too. Sidhika Sharma made her way into the B-town and her audience’s hearts with her glorious acting skills and unmatchable outfits that make her from being a girl-next-door to the adorable actress that she is.

Recently, the music video featuring Sidhika Sharma released which is a romance-based revenge-drama music video. The song also stars, “Pyar Ka Punch Nama” fame handsome Omkar Kapoor. The song is produced by Anurag Bedi, sung by Saaj Bhatt, composed and written by Amjad Nadeem Aamir, and written by Amjad Nadeem. The latest music video is already climbing up views very quickly on YouTube and it’s loved by all its audiences.

The story behind this lovely song has a heartbreaking story that is fueled by revenge. Actress Sidhika Sharma leaves no stone unturned, from subtle makeup looks to comfortably fashionable outfits, the actress nailed it in her music video. Omkar Kapoor is also making heads turn with his looks. The story revolves around love, infidelity, revenge, and drama, and the actress Sidhika Sharma portrays them with sheer excellence.