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Ram Madhvani and Amita Madhvani will collaborate to launch EQUINOX VIRTUAL

New Delhi

Equinox Virtual is crafting a universe of stories and characters and taking them to the next level by venturing into the world of Gaming and Virtual Experiences. A rich history of storytelling will be applied to gaming that will deliver a new and exciting immersive experience into a socially connected world.

Equinox Virtual will launch with Mobile Gaming and the first genre they plan to enter is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).
The company is committed to bringing engaging games and entertainment to users in India and worldwide. The first game will be a MOBA that will be uniquely Indian and will launch in India in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English.

Ram Madhvani (Quote): “The Quest has always been to entertain the audience by telling stories creatively whether in short or long format. We are in the business of feelings. As a filmmaker and visualiser moving into the virtual world of gaming is just one of the spaces to engage with the audience creatively.”

Amita Madhvani (Quote): “As a producer for Long format, web series and Features the creative journey has been quick – applying it to the gaming world seemed a natural progression – excited about steering this project into the Virtual world”

Ram Madhvani (Short bio): Ram Madhvani has forged a successful path for himself in the world of advertising and feature films.  After his national award winning film  NEERJA, he continued to gather praises with his other projects including a web series called AARYA with season 2 now in production and a Hindi feature film DHAMAKA under the RMF Banner. Going ahead to expand his creative horizon, Ram is now venturing into the world of gaming with EQUINOX VIRTUAL.

Amita Madhvani (Short bio): Adding to her experience as an associate producer and co-producer in films like NEERJA, a web series called AARYA with its season 2 coming soon, two feature films DHAMAKA under RMF and DIVE with Sony pictures, she now ascends higher to embark her mark in the gaming industry, steering the project in the virtual world with EQUINOX VIRTUAL.

Embarking on this exciting journey and steering the creative for Equinox Virtual is our Producer Khvafar Vakharia – ‘I love the rate at which my work changes and excites. Especially at a time when we are transforming the way we communicate and above all entertain’.Equinox Virtual plans to release their MOBA game this year.