Revenue too has to be enhanced by giving benefits to public


Home, Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra said that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, decisions will be taken only keeping public interest in mind. He said that people will also get benefits and all measures will also be taken to enhance revenue. Dr. Mishra was addressing a meeting of the three-member Group of Ministers today to discuss the possible shortfall in the state’s tax and non-tax revenue due to Covid -19 pandemic and measures for revenue enhancement. In the meeting, discussion was held on measures for sale–purchase of land, mineral policy and measure to increase income from the Excise Department.

It was decided in the meeting of the Group of Ministers, that the guideline for the sale and purchase of land for the year 2020-21 should be implemented from July 1, 2021. The previous government had decided to keep the guideline of 2019-20 in force till May 15, 2020. The Group of Ministers decided to give a 5 percent exemption, with a decision to keep it in force till June 30, 2020. As per the decision, now the public will get 5 percent discount on lands and 15 percent more on buildings as compared to the present guideline till June 30, 2020. This decision of the Group of Ministers will help in strengthening the economy in this time of Corona crisis, on the other hand, real estate business activities will also start with the purchase and sale of land and buildings.

The Group of Ministers decided that the mineral policy and the hike in income generated from Excise Department will be discussed in the second phase of the meeting on Friday.

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