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Ridik Capital – Startup Investment firm that aims to add at least 10 portfolio startups every year

Ridik Capital – Startup Investment firm that aims to add at least 10 portfolio startups every year

Ridik Capital – Startup Investment firm that aims to add at least 10 portfolio startups every year

Ridik Capital is an early stage startup investment firm established in Singapore operating in India and Singapore. It focuses on identifying early stage startups with passionate founders whose potential can generate an actual impact on the ground.

Startups ecosystem in India is booming and Indian startup ecosystem stands at the 3rd position after US and China with over 60k startups as there is no dearth of ideas and innovation. This made India evolving into one of the emerging countries in terms of entrepreneurship and business. For each stage of the life of the startup a company has different financial needs and each level of funding plays a unique role in that stage of the business. Owing to such financial funding Ridik Capital was coined with a mission to invest seed capital in such startups and also assists them with mentoring and handholding support along with alignments with the industry experts, so as to help them attain a high growth trajectory. Currently Ridik capital has exposure to Greentech, Edtech, Insurtech, IOT, Venture Building and Women Health via its portfolio companies. It currently has 8 startups in its portfolio that includes Lecture notes, Collegeshala, Datoms, Zensung, and Foreign admit, Ridewise, Freeflow Ventures and Action Lab 2050.

It goes without saying; passion is the fuel that entrepreneurs need to keep going and the future success of the business is determined by their business idea that is supported by their real passion in addition to problem and knowledge. This not just increases the probability of the entrepreneurial success but the potential of the entrepreneur. But do you think Passion and idea is all? Passion and idea needs capital for the business to come out on top. In India there are no startup investment funds which are run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs focusing on impact and providing long term on ground handholding. Ridik Capital does that using its advisors who are entrepreneurs from its portfolio startups, and thus with on ground experience and a hunger for creating larger impact under the guidance and following the vision of Mr. Srustijeet Mishra, Ridik Capital came into being in the year 2019.

Mr. Srustijeet Mishra is a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits and rich experience of over 20 years in HR Staffing. He is a startup mentor and an Education Evangelist with the vision of Democratizing learning globally. He is currently the CEO (South East Asia) of CLPS Inc, a NASDAQ listed company besides being the founder of Ridik Capital, which is an early stage investment firm having a diversified portfolio of startups in greentech, edtech, social impact, IOT, Insurtech and venture building.

There are plenty of aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs with ocean of business ideas and a dream while report says that 90-95% of the startups fail either because of lack of funding or poor execution and some holds back even to start. Having a passion for the startup is pretty easy to come by for business founders and Ridik Capital pitches in to put those ideas and business execution in Place with investment as well as mentoring and handholding support.

Ridik Capital invests in startup companies and small business that are believed to have long term growth potential. Ridik Capital is known to add value to every startup than putting capital and waiting for returns. The startup companies and the passionate entrepreneurs who need a certain amount of investment for growth, Ridik capital has kept all the doors open for every passionate entrepreneurs so that finance never becomes a constraint in every startup’s success story. Ridik Capital is keen to be a part of your startup journey and is open to investing in nearly every category of startup companies!

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