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Right Teeka, not the rumours, says Namaste India

Right Teeka, not the rumours, says Namaste India


The last one and a half years have been tough for the nation. One piece of bad news has followed another. The mood of the country, thanks to the pandemic has been a bit down.

Amid all this, there are reports of our vaccination program not speeding up as expected. In part, this is due to the vaccine hesitancy, which has been fuelled by the spread of rumours and fake news.

Namaste India Dairy, as one of India’s leading brands decided to tackle this hesitancy but, with a difference. They along with their agency, ADK-Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd., a WPP company and part of Wunderman Thompson South Asia Group, felt the need of the hour was to craft a message encouraging vaccination, but with a light and humorous touch. The film looks at a typical Indian scenario where blind faith is mixed with a little misunderstanding around a fictional ‘Teeke Vaale Babji’ that ends up having unintended consequences.

Commenting on the reason behind taking this route, Atul Santosh, Marketing Head, Namaste India Dairy, said, “Namaste India Dairy wanted to do its bit for the country’s vaccination drive by celebrating life, with all its quirk and humour. The core idea blends in with what we stand for as a brand. This will hopefully nudge people to get vaccinated to protect themselves and the nation at large.”

Elaborating on the same, Nakul Sharma VP and ECD ADK -Fortune, said, “It was a very challenging brief from Namaste India as we had to use humour to make a serious point. The team rose to the challenge and believe that the end product drives home the message in a memorable and fun way.”