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Round Table and Ladies Circle India donated 342 Limbs

Round Table and Ladies Circle India donated 342 Limbs

Round Table and Ladies Circle India Donated 342 Limbs as Part of its 43rd Annual Limb Donation Drive

As part of the Round Table India & Ladies Circle India (LCI) ongoing initiatives to support the communities, Bangalore Ladies Circle India 19 and Bangalore Round Table 7 from Area 6  held its 43rd Annual Limb Donation at Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Bengaluru, and donated 342 limbs to many beneficiaries in need to lead a normal life. The total cost of the project is over Rs 5 Lakhs.

The annual project, a donation drive which aids to provide good options for limb transplant to the needy, had modest beginnings with the first donation of a single prosthetic limb in 1980. Over the last 43 years, close to 10,000 limbs at a total cost of over Rs 1 Crore have been donated as a result of this initiative.

Speaking on the occasion Cr.Tulsi Parashuram(Bangalore Ladies Circle 19 chairperson) and Tr.Parashuram(Bangalore Round TABLE 7 Chairman) said, “One of the first thoughts that come to one’s mind, when someone loses a limb, is extreme anxiety and feels like life has come to a standstill. Especially in the case of a child, it is a state of both confusion and sadness. Some of them are too young to even realize what has come upon them. A prosthetic limb/artificial limb is used to normalise and turnaround an individual’s life to lead a happy and independent life forever. And the likes of Sudha Chandran or even Arunima Sinha who scaled Mount Everest are true living examples of fighting spirit and endurance shown. As Mother Thresa quoted, its not how much we give but how much LOVE we put into giving and Limb donation is the most loved project at Bangalore Ladies Circle 19.”

Parashuram thanked the Chairman Rushub Kantilal from Tumkur Inspire Round Table 327 who helped in raising 1.5 lakhs. The donors Mr. Ratnagar Hegde, Ajay and Anvita, Preeti and Viren, Tangent 19, all the chapters in Area 6 and donors, event conveners who have come together in making this project a grand success were thanked.”

Area 6 Chairman Tr. Sandesh, Area 6 Chairperson Cr.Nidhi addressed the dignitaries on and off the stage and beneficiaries and congratulated Bangalore Ladies Circle 19 and Bangalore Round TABLE 7 for being engaged in this worthy project for 43 years and for donating 342 limbs in its 43rd year. Mr FR Singhvi who has supported the cause for decades too addressed the gathering and is committed to continue partnering with Bangalore Ladies Circle 19 and Bangalore Round Table 7 for the years to come. Our event conveners Tr.Varun and Cr.Preeti who orchestrated the entire event addressed the gathering and thanked all the donors for their contributions.

Round Table India, is an organisation of non-political and non-sectarian young men between the age group of 18 and 40, promoting service, fellowship and goodwill in national and international affairs. Working towards the education of underprivileged children, till date, 7141 classrooms have been built across India in 3041 schools, impacting over 78 lakh children.

Ladies Circle India is a non-political and non-sectarian organisation with membership open to only the wives of members Round Table India. It offers opportunities for serving the community, for fostering and strengthening friendships between like-minded young women and helps create a better understanding of the obligations one owes to society. Ladies Circle India comprises of over 1600 members with 114 active Circles spread across India, present in 19 States and 57 cities.

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