Shield30, a Next-Gen Sanitization Technology

Shield30, a Next-Gen Sanitization Technology


Even as the daily caseload of India’s coronavirus infections, during the second wave, exceeds more than two lakhs, Shield30, a disruptive sanitization technology, is launched in India. This revolutionary, water-based antimicrobial surface treatment technology from New Zealand provides 99.99% protection from surface-borne infection of Coronaviruses and a host of other pathogens.

Surface transmission continues to pose a significant risk, as the Covid virus spreads through contaminated surfaces, known as fomites. Studies show that SARS-CoV-2 can persist on plastic and stainless steel for up to 6 days. It lasts for days on any hard materials including books, textile products – synthetic or natural made, and even on surgical masks. Hence, frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects in common places that are routinely used by several people is important. The need of the hour also is a breakthrough in the methods of disinfection that replaces chemical based sanitizers, which are harmful for the environment, and are also not very safe for people, children and pets.

As opposed to the conventional, chemical-based sanitizers, Shield30 is a water-based solution and contains no harmful chemicals or alcohol. It is safe for use near people, animals, and plants. Shield30 does not rely on dehydration or poison to kill pathogens. Instead, it forms a covalent bond, which resembles a layer of millions of nano-sized “pins”, on the surfaces and other frequently used things like doorknobs, chairs, and medical equipment. The pins attract the pathogens including coronaviruses and a host of other bacteria, mold, and fungi, and pierce and rupture their cellular structures and kill them. For each application, the protection lasts for nearly 30 days.

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