Shreedha Singh committed for the Ayurveda Offerings

Shreedha Singh committed for the Ayurveda Offerings

New Delhi

Shreedha Singh is the Co-Founder of The Ayurveda Co. The Ayurveda Co’s offerings are formulated keeping in mind the science of healing and not just instant gratification. She is an ardent believer of Ayurveda and all things natural and is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ways to dig our ancestry and how we can make it pleasurable.

Before starting The Ayurveda Co, Shreedha along with her co-founder launched Khadi Essentials in 2019.  Khadi Essentials, is one of India’s fastest-growing D2C Beauty & Wellness brands in eCommerce.

She pursued MBA from Punjab University.

She loves readingReading to her is not about genres, from reading billboards at the red traffic light to product labels to the acknowledgements in the opening of a book, she reads a lot, mostly business leadership, org building, biographies, etc.meditating to keep herself calm. She also tries to find time in the middle of her hectic schedule for gardening and to practice yoga to maintain her physical and mental wellbeing.

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