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SUPERFACTORIES to take viewers to the center of the manufacturing facility and HQ of Walton Group


National Geographic India’s SUPERFACTORIES to take viewers to the center of the manufacturing facility and headquarters of Walton Group, one of Bangladesh’s leading tech giants

Premiering on February 26, 2022, the documentary chronicles the brand’s significant contribution to the world of electronic goods

National Geographic India, with its latest edition of SUPERFACTORIES is all set to unravel the modern engineering, functioning and innovation that goes behind the making of Walton’s iconic product line. Premiering on February 26, 2022, at 8 PM on National Geographic India, the documentary brings forth the inspiring journey of the group as one of the pioneers in consumer electronic goods that has been making significant contributions to the world of electronic goods in the country. By giving viewers a behind-the-scenes preview into the brand’s sprawling state-of-the-art factory in Bangladesh, the film will give a glimpse into the inner workings of the brand.

The 44-minute documentary will showcase the company’s operations and how it has managed to establish themselves as one of the dominant players in Bangladesh’s domestic sector. From home and kitchen appliances to mobile phones and laptops, the brand has helped establish the country as one of the leading tech hubs. Supporting the ‘Make in Bangladesh’ mission, the film highlights the brand’s promise to reach every home globally through their progressive technological muscle. It also sheds light on the company’s vision to build a sustainable footprint for future generations along with achievements and challenges of the legacy brand; with the young generation now carving out the future path.


“At National Geographic India, we endeavour to bring thought-provoking stories across the globe, through insightful narratives. Our popular SUPERFACTORIES series was created to give viewers a deeper understanding of high-tech factories and expand their knowledge. With this latest edition, we aim to showcase the compelling journey of Walton Group, highlighting their innovative approach to adapt with the needs of consumers through evolving technology, which has helped them make significant strides within the consumer electronics industry.” said a National Geographic India Spokesperson.

“Walton Group today has become a catalyst in the economic development of Bangladesh. Walton and Bangladesh started their journey together – both with their share of obstacles and accolades are today ushering in a bright future for the next generation of the country. As Walton moves towards a thriving future, with this documentary, we wanted to share our success story with the audience at large. We are happy to associate with National Geographic who has captured our story and our efforts to grow beyond the national borders.” said Golam Murshed, Managing Director & CEO -WALTON.

National Geographic India’s upcoming documentary, ‘SUPERFACTORIES: Walton Group’ will premiere on February 26th, 2022, at 8 pm on National Geographic Channel India

About Walton Group

Walton is the latest multinational electrical, electronics, automobiles, and other appliances brand with one of the largest well-equipped R & I facilities in the world carried out its production through different subsidiaries under the banner of Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh. Today, Walton has a workforce of more than 30000+ in total 90 production bases under 750+ acres of factory area. The capacity of yearly production is 10 million units based on the market demands. Walton is the giant professional manufacturer in the relevant industry and has gained high reputation in terms of its unbeatable capability for producing Electrical and Electronics goods in the most competitive way in aspect of quality, cost, design, and innovation.

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