Positivity Makes Life Better

Positivity Makes Life Better


As we all know the story of “The Mountain Man” who had demolished the big mountain to make a way to travel from his village to city. The reason behind it was that his wife has not get the required medical on time so she died. Then that man had started cutting the mountain slowly by the small equipments and one day he succeed in making a way in between the mountain by cutting it.

We all have heard lots and lots of stories about people who came out from the crowd of negativity, enlightening towards positiveness by indulging into good deeds. So, this in this article also we are going to know something about a guy who had one land which was useless and made it one of the finest place in that area.

There was one boy who was living with his grandparents. They were taking care of that boy and his younger sister because his parents were died. The boy had no support from his grandparents to study or in any other activity. He completed his schooling in a government school then he joined the govt. college as his faculty was supporting him to study ahead, but the family problems did not allow him to continue his study. Finally he got a job in a temple. He was working day and night then he slowly started to earn money and from is savings he buy an rickshaw and started earning from that also. And then he continued his degree also.

Now one day he came to know that his mothers land is there which has became useless land and no one was taking care of it. So, he asked his grandparents to transfer the land on his name and they did it, but everyone was convincing him that the land will not give you anything and it was on the top side of that place and there was no one living beside that land. But that boy had faith in himself and he started digging the land and cleaned the whole land and it continued for a week.

At last he started planting plants like banana, amla, coconut, mango, etc. Slowly all the plants had become trees and it contained fruits. The land had become the beautiful land among all the other land in that area. Now from that place we can have a nice view of the greenery around them and they can see the mountains and nearby temples which are famous among there.

Now he became role model to his family and friends and the people who know him, that even if the things are negative if you have faith and positive mind set then the things will be converted into positive.

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