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The Throttle crew & Drishti Foundation Trust spreads smiles

The Throttle Crew

The Throttle crew & Drishti Foundation Trust spreads smiles & sparkle at Heera Nagar this Diwali.

By: Preety Chaudhary

Article by: Tanushree Bose

Ahmedabad, November:

What makes a dull day dazzle? A reason to smile. And what’s that one thing that never fails to bring a smile to the face? Sweets. This Diwali, to add a little sparkle to the lives of those who make our city dazzle, Drishti Foundation Trust and the Throttle crew distributed sweets & clothes to the waste segregation workers of the Urban Community Department of the AMC at Heera Nagar, Ahmedabad. The clothes were donated by the clothing brands and the donors of the DFT Cloth Bank.

“The irony about traveling to find happiness is that you don’t have to go too far to find it as it lies right under your nose in your smile which manifests when you see others happy. This year, on Diwali, we found our happiness in bringing comfort and happiness to those who risk their lives to keep our city clean and keep us safe.

The crinkle of a smile around the eyes that surfaced at the mere sight of sweets, and a tight hug on receiving the woollens & shoes donated by our donors were our biggest rewards from the drive.

We thank the Throttle crew, all our donors, volunteers, and the DFT team members for supporting us” – Dinesh Kumar Gautam, Founder, Drishti Foundation Trust.

Drishti Foundation Trust Is an NGO that enjoys a special consultative status with ECOSOC of United Nations was founded by Dinesh Kumar Gautam on 28th September 2012 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) with the aim of holistic development and betterment of society and the environment we live in that works in the UN priority areas of health, education, and environment parallel to the current objectives of the United Nations.

It aims to support the efforts in achieving economic equality and sustainable development to address our country’s diverse development issues.