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ThrottleCrew: Ride for Unity

ThrottleCrew: Ride for Unity

Preety Chaudhary/Ahmedabad/Updated on: January 4th ,2022

ThrottleCrew: Ride for Unity

ThrottleCrew, the riding community of ThrottleArt Motorcycling, completed the RIDE FOR UNITY to Statue of Unity, Kevadia. 45 Riders embarked the journey from Ahmedabad to Statue of Unity on their motorcycles with the vision of unifying citizens from different walks of life into one unified community of Riders!

Riders visited the Statue and gave an interview to RJ Aniruddh & RJ Guru of Radio Unity 90 FM , wherein the riders shared with the RJs how the life values of Shri Sardar Patel can positively change our day to day lives. ThrottleCrew Admins Vishwas & Dhruv sent out a message on behalf of the riders to the Radio Audience that, “As Sardar saw a concept of United India, we see a concept of United People who live together, help each other & be with each other specially in these tough times of the Pandemic”.

ThrottleCrew: Ride for Unity

There are more than 20 attractions to visit at the Statue of Unity, out of which the riders visited the Viewing Gallery, from which one can see Kevadia from the Heart of Sardar, Riders also visited the Pet Zone, a place where one can pet friendly animals like Hamsters, ponies, rabbits, Macows, Sheep & Goats. Pet Zone takes one to a completely different world of animal kingdom and helps children & curious youth in being one with Nature. Riders also visited Zarwani Waterfall, a 15 Km drive from the statue, a truly marvelous site of Nature.

Riders took home memories of their lifetime and spread the message & Vision of Shri Sardar Patel as well as the Govt. of Gujarat amongst the 180-member strong ThrottleCrew as well as the 5000+ friends & family of the Crew!

ThrottleCrew organizes 2 Rides per month with different concepts to aid the daily life of riders as well as patrons, every ride has a constant message of Traffic Safety and the importance of Helmet & Riding gear for all Motorcyclists on the Road. Children as well as women & people from all walks of life join & enjoy the family spirit of the Crew!

Until the next one!

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