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Tinder Explore: Match your vibe & find love in 2022


Preety Chaudhary/New Delhi/Updated on: January 4th ,2022

Find love in 2022: Kick off the year on Tinder Explore

Insights revealed Gen Z in India are vibin’ to common 2022 goals like eating healthy and traveling again

New Year has finally arrived and with it so did Dating Sunday! Every year, Dating Sunday hits the top spot as one of the busiest days on dating apps. And on January 2nd, 2022 Tinder knew that Gen Z singles will not miss the opportunity to find someone who matches their vibe! While most members made most of this day, if you are one of folks who missed out on Dating Sunday swiping action this year, it’s never too late, kick-start your 2022 dating journey in by connecting with someone who shares your vibes on Tinder Explore.

#MatchYourVibe with Tinder Explore

With bio mentions of ‘My Vibes’ growing by 83%* In India, Tinder is supporting Gen Z to connect with new people over common goals and shared interests through Explore, its hottest new venue where members can navigate potential connections through common interests.

Tinder members are already setting their aspirations for the new year. 49%** revealed they would be up for traveling again, while over 31% members said they would sign up to join a gym. 15%** members are keen to eat less junk food.

When asked what they’re vibin’ to in 2022, Tinder members say they are looking for their partner in crime (35%**), while others (20%**) are just looking to finish what they start or even have a goal in the first place (25%**), and finally 20%** say they want to find time for themselves in 2022.

When it comes to top traits Gen Z in India are looking for with their dates, 38%* revealed they’re looking for someone who is trustworthy and 36%* are seeking a connection with a sense of humor, 12%* are on the lookout for someone who “is not an ass”, and 14%* are looking for a kind date. Talking about traits – good intentions also top the list amongst singles in India. 41% members look for matches with intentions of fixing the world, using less plastic (39%) and even going vegan (8%).

Launching this month, Tinder members will be able to select from a series of ‘2022 Goals’ in Explore to find a new year ‘partner in crime’ who shares their goals. Whether they are looking for a fellow foodie to ‘Taste together’, another sport enthusiast to ‘Sweat it together’ or someone entrepreneurial to ‘Complete my power couple’ in the new year.

In Explore, Gen Z members have more control over who they vibe and match with: members can find someone to snack with in Foodies, someone on their level in Gamers, or a partner to split their headphones with in Music Lovers.  Whether they’re looking to find a match to march with in Social Causes or to complete their power couple in Entrepreneurs, Explore provides members the ability to direct their matching experience themselves.

With more than 450M downloads since launch and 65+ billion total matches, Tinder will definitely be the place to be this New Year!

Aahana Dhar, Director, Communications, Tinder India said: Stepping into the new year, we’re encouraging members to refresh their bios, review their passions and interests, update their profile photos, and make the most of the new social features in Explore – hottest new place on Tinder where matches are made based on chosen common interests or goals! This Dating Sunday, as anticipated, we had many Tinder members swiping right on someone who shared their 2022 goals and found matches with people who share their vibe.”

To ensure the singletons are all set for Dating in the new year, Tinder is sharing its top 3 tips:

Follow the 3/5/11 rule!: Share at least 3 Passions / Interests (make sure they are updated to what you are currently vibin’ to) – add at least 5 pictures / videos – write at least 11 words in your bio!

Be online at prime time – just as midnight on NYE is the time to be on the middle of the dancefloor, watching the fireworks, or snogging your crush, 7-10pm is the slot on Dating Sunday to swipe on what makes you vibe on the app. So cancel all your other plans, as Tinder is the only place you should be at prime time.

Digital first, IRL second – Before meeting in IRL, why not video chat first. Take a moment to get to know your match before you plunge into that New Year in person date.