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Tonino Lamborghini Spa & Kinetic Green unveil new electric Golf Carts

Tonino Lamborghini Spa

Tonino Lamborghini Spa and Kinetic Green unveil new range of electric Golf Carts, under the historic brand, ISO, at EICMA 2021, Milan

 The upcoming edition of EICMA (at Fiera Milano Rho, November 23rd through 28th) will see the launch of a new range of Golf Carts under the historic Italian automotive brand Iso, from the house of Tonino Lamborghini and Kinetic Green, the EV venture of Kinetic Group.

The ISO DIVO Golf Carts will be available in two versions, STRADA and GOLF, and will be designed in Italy, manufactured in India, and have a global outlook for exports worldwide! The Golf Carts will be brought to market in early 2022.

The legendary brand, Iso, is being re-introduced by the young Italian entrepreneur with a world-famous surname: Ferruccio Lamborghini, a third-generation member of the Lamborghini family. To accomplish this mission, brand owner Ferruccio Lamborghini has brought together complementary know-how to establish a new trend in electric Golf Carts with Kinetic Green, a member of India’s well-known Kinetic Group, owned by the Firodia family. Ferruccio inherited his family’s love of motorcycles and started racing when very young, winning the Moto2 championships in Italy, home to many of the world’s most prominent racers. A range of Iso scooters will also be showcased at EICMA, conceptualized by Ferruccio and developed in partnership with Giken Mobility of Singapore.

Ferruccio Lamborghini comments: “I’m really enthusiastic about starting to work on this challenge in such a rapidly growing, future-oriented line of business. This project perfectly combines my desire and intention to build something new out of the history of a great Italian company with my experience and background in motors. I have been looking for strong partners, leaders in their industry, with whom to achieve the highest standards in quality, performance, and design. I planned to kick-off the project in Italy, and specifically at this special edition of EICMA, to underline the brand’s Italian tradition, because this is where the Iso brand has its roots, and this is where we will start…

Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green comments: “We are excited to have the opportunity to present Indian-manufactured Electric vehicles on a global stage. The joint-venture represents a confluence of two rich automotive legacies from the house of Lamborghini and Kinetic, with diverse, complimentary skills that stretch beyond geographical frontiers to create a new force in the world of electric vehicles. This is a testament to the Indian manufacturing sector’s prowess, and its potential to lead the electric vehicle revolution on a global platform.”

 The ISO DIVO golf carts will have best in class styling, performance and features including fast charging lithium-ion batteries, hydraulic brakes on all 4 wheels, independent suspension for best comfort. ISO Divo Strada series will also be presented as a “street legal” golf cart, meeting the stringent DOT approval standards in USA. This opens up a large and growing opportunity in North America, where many states now allow DOT approved golf carts or buggies as ‘neighbourhood vehicles” which can move on the neighbourhood streets at speeds up to 40 KMPH.

The Joint venture company, Kinetic Green Tonino Lamborghini will develop a series of the smart carts from 2-seater to 8-seater options, for several applications like golf, tourism, hospitality, and personal use under the Iso brand. Another ultra-premium range of golf carts under the Tonino Lamborghini brand will also be presented by the Joint Venture, during 2022.

Iso by Tonino Lamborghini

 Lamborghini, an Italian brand with historic links to the world of automobiles, is renowned for its eclectic DNA and strong focus on research and development, which has given rise to innovative and revolutionary vehicles. Tonino Lamborghini is the luxury line of the Group, with product offerings in various categories, including automobiles, real estate and hospitality sector.

The Iso brand was founded in 1939, under the name Iso thermos, and has been making mopeds, motorcycles, and light 4 wheelers since 1948. But the real turning point came a year later, with the launch of the scooter that was to become Iso’s bestseller: the Isomoto. The Isomoto rapidly became one of the biggest competitors of the Vespa and the Lambretta on the Italian market in the ’50s, churning out a hundred scooters a day. Thus, the Iso became a status symbol, still remembered by the generation that rode it and its fans, also thanks to a truly revolutionary, elegant invention: the Isetta city car. The Isomoto opened the way to mass production of scooters and motorbikes on a larger scale, until the company decided to start making cars only, from the GT300 to its last descendent, dated 1974.

ISO has now been reborn thanks to the intuition of a young Italian entrepreneur named after his venerable grandfather, a household name all over the world: Ferruccio Lamborghini. The historic griffin logo, a symbol of power and perfection, perfectly incarnates the values of the brand, now reborn in pursuit of innovation, research, sustainability, and Italian heritage. Behind the Iso brand is a system that covers the entire production process: everything is developed in-house, from design to technology – a crucial strategy for ensuring high levels of quality and performance in the electric vehicle market.

Kinetic Green

 Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd. is the latest venture from the reputable Indian Kinetic Group, led by the Firodia family. Kinetic Green offers a vast range of battery-powered vehicles, including 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, and golf carts. Kinetic Green designs and produces battery-powered vehicles designed for the future, with zero carbon emissions and zero vibrations, silent, ergonomic, elegant, and above all, designed for the future, to represent the ideal solution for electric light mobility.

Tonino Lamborghini – Kinetic Green Product Range

Iso Divo Golf

Equipped with advanced features, the Divo Golf promises supreme performance and luxury. Its intrinsically environmentally friendly features, elegant look, and intelligent ergonomics earn it a favour with modern requirements and make it the ideal solution for mobility on the golf course, in corporate and residential developments, airports, resorts, and many other applications.

 Iso Divo Strada

Trending in line with modern sensibilities, the Divo Strada is designed to be a street-legal smart cart for urban mobility. The Divo Strada complies with DOT regulations, with approved lights, tires, windshields, seatbelts and other safety features for street use. The Divo Strada’s exceptional performance, safety, and styling make it the ideal choice for convenient environmentally friendly mobility in communities.

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