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Towing the Vehicles: Ahmedabad City

Towing the Vehicles: Ahmedabad City


There are so many rules and regulations made by the government of India. In which most of the rules are not aware by public and most of them are not followed. Same way there is one new rule put into force of “Towing the Vehicle” which are kept on the No Parking place or on the roadside. The people are not aware were to park the vehicle and they park it where they easily get the space. They do not follow the rules of the traffic and then they blame the government for collecting fines from them. The government had taken a step to avoid the parking of the vehicles on the roadside which has been put into effect by the government officers of traffic and police. In this the government had appointed some agents who will be working on the behalf of the traffic police and police. The agents will be collecting the vehicles which has been parked in the no parking area and the vehicles which has been parked on the roadside.

These rules of parking were a best decision taken by our government but the benefits and detriments are also high. The benefit of this rule is 1) People will be aware where the vehicle should be parked. 2) The traffic will be on control. 3) There will be space on the road for the travellers. 4) There will be smoothness for the riders to ride on the road. 5) The accidents rates will be less as there will be enough space for the travellers to drive. The detriments of the rule are 1) The public is not aware of the parking that is where to be parked? 2) If their vehicle is towed then they don’t know where to be gone to take the vehicle. 3) Mainly the ladies are affected by towing the vehicle. 4) Then after going to their towing station the person has to wait till the agents come because there is no other authorised person over there who will collect the fine and release their vehicle. 5) The distance of the towing station is kept too far. 6) Most of the times the vehicle gets damaged and they don’t take any responsibility of the damage.

Those were the benefits and detriments of the rule which has been put into effect by the government. Now to overcome the detriments government has to taken some small steps that will make help to the public also: To install the board of “NO PARKING” in the restricted area of the roadside or where the vehicle should not be parked.

Or if there is no board then you should have written on the road about no parking or there should some sign kept in the area.

If the towing staff is coming then they should announce it through a megaphone so the public can take off their vehicle from there.

The towing station should be kept in the nearby area so that the public can come and take their vehicle from there.

If the owner of the vehicle is coming while towing the vehicle it should be given to them and the half fine should be collected from them by the staff.

After going to the towing station to collect the vehicle there should be an immediate staff from whom the vehicle should be taken and the fine should be paid. These are some major points which should be taken into consideration by the government which will make help to the public as well as the government also.

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