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Travel Essentials amid COVID pandemic

Travel Essentials amid COVID pandemic


When there is a thirst for adventure, you do the backpacking because travelling walks the soul back home.

Rightly quoted by Earl Shaffer that “carry as little as possible but choose that with little care” and we are here to help you to create your itinerary list for your upcoming travel plan

Your travel essentials depend upon your destination however few essentials never change whatever the station is.

Travel Safe 

Be ready with the masks and sanitisers to travel in this pandemic era. You don’t want to get caught with the infectious virus while being off track. To enjoy more scenic views without any ailment is the most important part of being a smart traveller.

Compile the Documents

You can fly but make sure your documents don’t fly out. It is better to make a file and compile your travelling documents from Visa to Passport or from Identity card to your emergency contacts and addresses in one place.

Backpacking is an Art

Backpacking is an art and you need to be an artist while backpacking for your next destination. The right kind of pack from American Tourister is providing ease while going out in the wild.

Camera to Capture

Clicking real-time pictures upgrade your travel experience as photography makes you know your surroundings. A photo makes you remember the moment and when you need to jog down in your memory lane, nothing is better than using Instax Wide 300, and the name completes its nature. There are a number of reasons from the automatic flash feature to its colour variation to make this camera your travelling partner and the most important is- it takes the widest possible picture of any scenic ambience.

Comfort in Clothing

Clothes are for comforting you along with styling you. Wherever you are going, you must ensure your comfy clothes do not slip out from the list. To avoid unforeseeable situations, you always carry extra clothes in your other bag just in case your backpack gets lost.

Land in the Right Shoes

It is said that trouble comes when you wear the wrong kind of shoes. This quote doesn’t just work in a philosophical way but it also works in real life. Choosing the right kind of footwear will ease your travel and “You can do it” with Nike. Nike gives you the freedom to choose the right shoes for any kind of travel.

Coil your Power cords

Power cords are as important as your electronic devices as devices need the power to get recharged. Nevertheless, nobody wants to travel with a dead battery and you make this to your itinerary list.

Keep Hydrated, Keep Motivated

When you are out in the wild or in a city or in a town, your thirst for adventure needs to be filled. Don’t let dehydration be your demotivation, use environment-friendly bottles from Quechua by Decathlon. Owning your own bottle is very important in today’s time because nobody wants to see a valley littered with plastic bottles.

Don’t Cash out  

Online money or Credit card is a lifeline but not everyone shares the same thought. In this vast world, transferring money online or using a credit card is a trend nevertheless it doesn’t hurt to carry a few bucks or cash in hand. Reducing the risks should be the motive.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all is stated by Helen Keller and we agree to the fact that travel is all about adventure and freedom but adding to that we always are prepared for everything.