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Trell shares content trends for Lohri & Pongal 2022

Trell shares content trends for Lohri & Pongal 2022

What did India’s GenZ watch for #HappyHarvest2022?

Social media has evolved into a go-to source for everything fashion, lifestyle, and even quick entertainment. Users immerse themselves in trends and even attempt to emulate them for fun. While dancing and humour were the dominant trends in India, several other categories evolved for content creators around the country during the pandemic. Today, content creators are not leaving any stone unturned in their pursuit of every festival the country has to offer.

Trell, the largest lifestyle social commerce platform, saw tremendous momentum for Lohri’s #HappyHarvest2022 campaign from regional markets. Content creators on Trell created over 5 lakh videos for #HappyHarvest2022, celebrating the upcoming harvest season.

Trell observed that GenZ and Millenials are obsessed with lip-smacking traditional food and outfit inspo for the Lohri and Pongal festivities. Food and fashion, followed by beauty include the best-performing videos during the run-up to Lohri and Pongal 2022.

An interesting trend that emerged was that women conquered food, fashion, and beauty space on Trell for both Lohri and Pongal content. While 89% of the Lohri content and 92% of the Pongal content was created by Women, only 11% of the Lohri content and 8% of Pongal content was created by male creators on the platform. Content for #HappyHarvest2022 was created in 4 languages – Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and English. Viewers from the North loved the Lohri content and viewed the videos 17 million times in 10 days since launch.

Anticipating the delicious goodness of Lohri, GenZ, and millennials from across the country viewed recipes on making festive delicacies such as Gajak, Rewari, laddus, Missi roti, Sarson ka saag, and Makki ki roti. However, food is not the only topic on everyone’s mind. Fashion and beauty are hard to ignore during the festive season. Trell shared that best-performing videos for the harvest season included the latest Lohri outfit ideas, Punjabi suit trends for 2022, make-up ideas for Lohri, bridal makeup for Lohri, along with trending colours for Lohri 2022.

Considering the rising cases of Covid, content creators on Trell also shared videos on how to celebrate Lohri at home with music and dance ideas for intimate indoor celebrations.

 On the other hand, content creators and viewers from southern markets geared up to celebrate Pongal with max excitement. With food, fashion, beauty and home decor emerging are best-performing categories in the last 10 days, these videos have been viewed 23 million times.

South Indians on Trell prepared their favourite festive treats, such as Kara Murukku, Kobbari Pala Payasam, Havva Chakkara Pongal, Ven Pongal, Peanut laddus along with everybody’s favourite – Medu vada!

Moreover, their fashion game is as strong as North Indians! Most-viewed videos in the fashion category were about Indo-western outfit ideas for Pongal, the latest half-Saree styling inspiration, simple home make-up tips for Pongal, along with festive make-up looks.

Trell further shared that, even though there is a cultural difference in celebration of both Pongal and Lohri in India – content creation and consumption trends are similar in both areas considering GenZ and millennials are driving trends across categories today.

Trell is India’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform; enabling millions of Indians to create and consume relevant and meaningful content across categories like Fashion, Beauty, Food, DIY, Health & Wellness, Movies & TV reviews, Travel and many more in 12 regional languages. The platform has grown rapidly with 60million+ monthly active users and over 18 million content creators.

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Preety Chaudhary/New Delhi/Updated on: January 17th ,2022