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Trell: Valentine’s Day #TrendsWithBenefits sale


Trell:  Valentine’s Day #TrendsWithBenefits sale can help your clothes find their perfect match

To celebrate the season of love, Trell – India’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform, has announced the #TrendsWithBenefits Sale from February 4 to 14, 2022.  Love and Fashion are both expressions unique to people, that’s why Trell gives users an opportunity to express themselves through their distinct styles. With up to 80% off, no Trend goes Single this Valentine’s Day with the 11-day shopping bonanza!

During the sale, users can browse from a selection of 1000+ brands to find the perfect match for their single clothing pieces. To help users discover new products, content creators will share new and unique fashion trends with their communities. The breakthrough campaign aims to empower users to make their own fashion trends, with no strings attached. The #TrendsWithBenefits sale will also help users to reimagine and recreate their own styles using products used by their favourite content creators.

Trell: Valentine’s Day #TrendsWithBenefits sale

Trell also released a stop motion video that celebrates the spirit of Valentine’s Day sale #TrendsWithBenefits on Trell Shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LZRmGTJRX8

To avail further benefits from the Sale, users can also vote for the best fashion trends shared by content creators by simply liking the video. Every day, the top 5 voted trends will be revealed on the platform and personalized discount coupons would be declared to allow users to splurge more on their favourite products on Trell Shop. On Valentine’s Day, Trell will reveal a #TrendsWithBenefits compilation video showcasing new trends created by content creators based on their personal style and expression.

About Trell

Trell is India’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform; enabling millions of Indians to create and consume relevant and meaningful content across categories like Fashion, Beauty, DIY, Health and Wellness, Movies and TV reviews, Food, Travel and many more in 12 regional languages. The platform has grown rapidly and has 100 million+ downloads and 60 million+ monthly active users. In August 2020, Trell launched ‘Shop’ section, marking its foray into the social commerce segment, and has 1000+ brands in beauty, wellness, fashion, and mom and baby care categories.

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Preety Chaudhary/Bengaluru/Updated on: February 9th 2022