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Vmentor.ai signs MOU with Kid’prenuer Vinusha MK


Vmentor.ai signs MOU with wonderkid 12-year young Kid’prenuer Vinusha MK led “Four Seasons Pastry”

Vmentor.ai, a leading platform for helping companies accelerate growth; has announced its foray into the Kid’prenuer segment and has signed its first MOU with “Four Seasons Pastry”, a food brand curated and run by 12 years young Kid’prenuer Vinusha MK.

“We are at a cusp of growth, Four Seasons pastry was created 3 years ago and today, has evolved as a challenger brand in baked product categories. We are extremely happy to have Vmentor.ai as our advisors to hand hold us in this growth phase and help us build a world class globally renowned food company from India”, said 12-year young Vinusha MK, Chief Baking Officer from Four Seasons Pastry.

Vmentor.ai associated with over 60+ corporates and start-ups including couple of unicorns, focuses on helping companies accelerate growth through deep partnerships and execution focussed tech enabled mentorship.

“While, every customer is unique and special; this MOU is interesting and an opportunity to hand-hold a budding entrepreneur, who has global ambition at this age,” said Dr. Srinivas Chunduru, Founder of Vmentor.ai

What started as a chance visit to an entrepreneur conference in 2019, is today a well-known brand in baking product in Chennai and is poised to grow and have national presence in the next couple of years. A lot of innovative products and services were added over the 3 years. During COVID-19, Four Seasons Pastry also conducted fundraising baking classes and directed all the proceeds to street vendors who had lost jobs due to the pandemic.

“I started this journey 3 years ago and my start point was standing in front of a local bakery and observing the dozens of walk-in customers and their buying pattern and study the consumer behaviour” added Vinusha MK

As part of the MOU, Vmentor will support Four Seasons Pastry in creating and executing a five-year strategy plan in this journey of creating a global brand from India.

“This is our 4th customer in the branded food segment and there is a massive potential for Indian brands to be part of the global play. Especially, post pandemic, the awareness and acceptance for good healthy and hygienic food has gone up. While, it is a crowded segment, niche players, unique products  with global vision have created a sweet spot for themselves ” adds Dr. Srinivas Chunduru, founder of Vmentor.ai

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Mumbai/Updated on: 14 July 2022