Volvo Car India to bear COVID-19 vaccine cost of employees & their families

One more initiative highlighting the people first approach of the company


Volvo Car India announced that the company would bear the cost of vaccinating its employees against COVID 19. This benefit would also extend to their spouses, children and parents who are eligible to receive the vaccine. Volvo will reimburse these costs as and when they receive the two mandated doses.

“Safety is an integral part of Volvo’s ethos. During the last one year we have worked with utmost care and concern for the safety and wellbeing of our employees. We had put in place stringent health related protocols during this period. Now with the government opening up more age groups in its vaccination drive, we are encouraging our employees to get themselves vaccinated for their and their family members’ well-being” said Jyoti Malhotra Managing Director, Volvo Car India.

Volvo is a people centric company and places priority to the welfare of its employees both at the workplace and beyond. The company has recently announced a gender neutral parental leave policy to ensure both parents engage in the joys of parenthood. During the pandemic period, with the safety of its customers and dealer network in mind, Volvo had initiated a contactless program to promote online sales and social distancing. The employees were asked to work from home even before the national lock down was announced in March 2020 and the company is still following the flexible working norms to ensure safety and wellbeing of its employees.

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