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We all know that the election is near. Now there will be more promises and statements come from the candidates from different parties. Electing the right party are the base of the country which are selected by the common people. The people who are giving the vote should know about the party and the candidate to whom they are giving their votes. The votes are valuable because we are the ultimate selector of the party and the leader who will be leading our country and the people. So before going to give a vote we the common people should have a clear idea to whom should we give our valuable votes because with our one vote the whole scenario can be changed.

We the common people should consider the candidates work not the party from which they are belonging. What the present candidate had done in the past years when they were ruling and what all promises they had given to the public whether they had fulfilled those or not. The whole record should be considered than the vote should be given to the qualified one. The one who is representing their party is educated or they have the knowledge about the area or the problems of the public. If they are qualified then the vote should be given to them. We the people are the one who finalize the leader of our area or country. We should calculate the work, education, knowledge, leadership skill, etc of the candidate. When they come to us for vote at the same time, we should ask the questions which they promised us before. If they have no answer then public should raise the voice and tell them “Don’t make fake promises or First you fulfil the promise which you had promised before then you do the new one.”

The candidates and their way of communication will not change so the change will be made only by the public if they get aware to whom should the vote given then the change will come accordingly. Then the candidates will also change and they will not make fake promises they will think twice before giving any statement. We are handing over the authority to person who will lead us in future so ultimately, we the common people are responsible whatever good and bad will be get in the future our selected leader. So, before giving the vote to the candidate or contestant or representative of a particular party we should have the full knowledge about the one. Vote for the right candidate and select the right one so that the future of the public will be safe and bright. Select the supportive, educated, and best leader for our country.

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